Member Tracking System

Ease of Use

Member Tracking System is designed for use in the hectic environment of a daycare, community center or club environment. “If it looks good…click on it!” is the basic philosophy behind all data entry and report generation screens. Security features developed for this environment can also be used. The burden of data entry is minimized through flexible data entry screens that include many smart-formatting and/or auto-fill fields.


The Member Tracking System has been designed to be as versatile as possible. The forms and reports are simple and relevant. You can track your members, their attendance and activity participation, charges and payments, medical needs, Outcome Measurements and more. The Member Tracking System will also track your staff and volunteer hours, certifications information and print time cards.


There are over 150 reports which can be pulled by site or by the entire organization including:

* The Minimum Hardware Requirements for the Member Tracking System and Supporter Donation System software packages are:

* Supporter Donation System Requires Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (may be SQL Express) or higher.

Contact our office to discuss Local Area Network, Server and Cloud Based solution requirements. These requirements vary based on number of users.

Please Note that if you are calling Vision for support of our products that the MINIMUM requirement listed above need to be in place for the Member Tracking and Supporter Donation System in order for us to assist you with technical support.