Boys & Girls Clubs of York County, Rock Hill, SC
"We are so happy to have MTS!  Club life has been much beter since we've had it!"  Ronna Butler, Director of Club Services

Boys & Girls Club of the Hi-Desert, Yucca Valley, CA
"Vision Computer Programming is an outstanding organization that I have had the pleasure to work with while using their Member Tracking System for the last 8 years at two different Boys & Girls Clubs.  Nicole has the kindest of hearts and has always been very patient, understanding, and thorough when resolving issues that come up with Member Tracking.  Recently I have dealt with Terry and Lisa on questions regarding Member Tracking, and I can say that they too were exceptional to work with.  Visions has built an awesome team full of kind, loving people.  Here at the Boys & Girls Club of the Hi-Desert our staff try to instill a family oriented environment for our members, and I believe that Nicole and her staff have the same vision for their organization." Shawn Moon, Director of Operations

Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region, Colorado Springs, CO
"I think the Vision team is AWESOME!  From getting our Parent Portal up and running to troubleshooting the email conversion we went through last year and the everyday workings, you all are ready to help if there are any issues or to take requests and implement changes that help our clubs run more smoothly.  I appreciate everything you all do so much more than I can say!  THANK YOU!!!" Kandel Hess, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast, Pensacola, FL
"The data that our Club tracks via the Vision Member Tracking System program has been easy to manage and reliable.  It has resulted in an increased ability to monitor and measure our membership data.  Hence, we can report and promote accurate information to donors that continuously results in our ability to secure funding." Leslie Hunter-Huff, M.P.A, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County, FL
 "Through out my 17 year career with Boys & Girls Clubs spanning 4 states in the Southeast, I have always used Vision's Member Tracking System (MTS). I have found the software to be reliable and exactly what we have always needed to produce reports that we use often in grant reporting, operation planning, and community engagement. Vision's staff have been prompt, courteous, and very helpful when ever I had a question about the program or when it was time to upgrade to the latest version. I highly recommend Vision for not only the great products they produce, but the customer service they provide." Hank Hill, CEO

Marguerite Neel Williams Boys & Girls Clubs of Thomas County, Thomasville, GA
"I just got off the phone with Zenith and I am so impressed with the professional, expertise and expedient service.  I have been actively using Vision Computer Programming Services software since 2011 at the Boys and Girls Club and it is amazing.  They are always coming out with the latest in data tracking and if I ever have a question or run into a problem I always get a response within 2 hours during business hours and the next day after business hours.  They are great and willing to help solve any problem or question that I have.  The webinars are wonderful and a great help in learning and navigating through the software.  I just love this software and the wonderful people who work at Vision." Andrian Burns, Unit Director

Boys & Girls Club of Chambersburg and Shippensburg, PA
"We decided to take advantage of the Online Web Registration in late 2015.  Our initial online training with Nicole was extremely helpful.  Not only was she showing us (via GoToMyPC) how to create a configuration, but she was actually using our information to develop our personal configuration.   Our goal was to have our Summer Camp applications up and running by February 1, 2016.   The process for me was slower than I anticipated and I had many questions.  Every time I called for help--which was often--my questions were always answered in a very clear way and I left the conversation feeling confident about what I needed to do.  One of my questions even led to a change in the program--additional contacts.  We did reach our February 1st deadline!!  I learned so much through this process and, as the applications are coming in, we are learning what we need to add, change, delete, etc. so it is a work-in-progress and I continue to learn.  We now have four configurations available--an after school configuration and a summer camp configuration each for Chambersburg and Shippensburg.  Processing the applications is a very simple task and a huge time saver!  The time it took to create the configurations was certainly worth it.  We are very pleased with how it is going." Jane Beaver, Administrative Assistant

Boys & Girls Club of the Golden Triangle, MS
"As a small organization seeking to grow, we all know that having good, clean, well maintained data is vital! However, like many non-profits, high turnover can be detrimental to this process - creating delays in data entry and causing gaps in key reporting areas. Often times, this leaves CPOs at their wits end (especially during annual reporting season) trying to become experts on a very expansive data management system. Thankfully, with Vision, you don't have to be! Their team of experts are not only obviously masters of the system; they also go above and beyond to assist small organizations like ours, with resolving their issues in the most timely manner. Though their staff is small, having your call returned on the same day is standard. The thing I appreciate most is their willingness to work through an issue until it is resolved, no matter how late the hour nor how ill-informed you are about your system! (laughs) Nicole, Zenith, Veronica...on behalf of our entire organization, THANK YOU for what you to do support our efforts to remain outcome-driven!" Nadia D. Colom, Chief Professional Officer

West Springfield Boys & Girls Club, MA
"I have been the Membership Director at our Club for one and a half years, when I started I had minimal experience using any type of database software. I learned how to use the MTS quickly because it's very intuitive and logically organized. I quickly realized that the Club wasn't taking full advantage of what MTS had to offer. Not only is MTS easy to use but Visions has thought of everything that our administrators could ever possibly need in terms of data reporting for BGCA. I assist all departments with running reports on a daily basis. I am asked, "Can you make a report that shows me...?" and whatever it is, my response is "Yes, I can!" MTS is my backbone for supporting smooth operations here at the Club. I call Visions A LOT! Not because of system issues, but because I constantly want to learn how to use MTS to its fullest potential. Recently we decided to use the "Emergency Report/Field Trip Report" for field trips, a critical tool because we serve many members with medical needs. I called Vision's and they added several new components to this particular report based on my request! Just like that the changes were included in the next software update! That is just one example of how supportive and committed Vision is to the BGCA as a client! With all sincerity, I owe a debt of gratitude to this incomparable team! Thank you for your expertise, guidance and reliability!" Haabiba Whitney, Membership Director

Boys & Girls Clubs
"I really love the new updates to the Member Search in the new version. It really does streamline the work that I do when updating charges/payments and address/contact info into member accounts as well as printing statements using the U.S.E. I spoke with Zenith on Wednesday and she was not only incredibly helpful but also polite, pleasant, funny & sincere. She took the time to understand the problem and figure out a solution. Since I’ve been working with MTS daily for the past 7 months, whenever I’ve encountered some difficulty, issues or questions, my phone calls and emails have been answered in a timely and effective manner. I’ve appreciated the phone conversations with both Zenith and Nicole and am grateful for the personal attention. Thank you for operating your business in this way. It feels like friends helping each other out." Susie

Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, MO
"The Staff at Vision Computer Programming Services provide great customer service to their clients! They always make sure the customer is satisfied before closing out a project. The staff is knowledgeable and provides wonderful customer service in a timely manner! Thank you," Jeff Long, Unit Director

The CLUB for Youth, Kingman, AZ
"The only way to enter membership information is through Vision's Online Web Registration. It melds perfectly with your website, eliminates EMPLOYEE error and saves precious time. Updating information for your members annually is simple and seamless." Bill Ward, Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Heinz House Boys & Girls Club, Pittsburgh, PA
"MTS/Vision has completely changed, for the better, how our organization does business. The web registration feature in particular, has been a very effective tool to connect and reach our parents/guardians. We were like everyone else doing everything on paper. Stop. Take the time to learn the web registration side and it will save you money, time and effort for everyone." Chris Cavendish, Business Operations

Boys & Girls Club of Elma, Marilla & Wales, NY
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate one of your employees, Fellina Grose. She has helped be numerous times over the years, especially last week. A few days ago I had my laptop serviced for a virus and when it was returned to me, my Member Tracking System was erased from my computer. I thought I had lost all of my data, especially my file folder which held Club member photos from years ago. I was totally in a state of shock. I didn't realize how important all of my data was until it was gone. Fellina was a complete pro through the entire recovery process. She reassured me that all would be restored. Her help was invaluable! Her knowledge and friendly voice made the process a lot more enjoyable. I wish every company representative was as nice and sweet as Fellina. Kudos to you, your company and especially Fellina for a job well done. I will make sure that when I speak to another Boys & Birls Club that doesn't currently have this tracking system, I will certainly recommend your company" Tracey Karp, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area, Wausau, WI
"Thank you! I just wanted to thank you for everything you guys do for us. The software is very user friendly and the reporting has gotten so much easier over the past several years - thank you for listening to our requests and helping to make our jobs so much easier. The Quick Entry Mobile sign in has saved us many, many hours of staff time - thank you!" Kim Larsen, Director of Development

Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County, Bellingham, WA
"Vision Member Tracking System has become the catalyst for our internal change and growth over the past few years. We have a more comprehensive understanding of our Club members and as such, we are better able to provide a mission-driven Club experience.  Vision is helping us with the Formula For Impact, and ultimately, changing kids' lives for the better! Thank you Nicole, Zenith, Bill and Veronica for always providing personal assistance, direction and ideas that keep us on TRACK!" Christine Destry

Boys & Girls Club of West Springfield, MA
"I really love how versatile the program is. As the Office Manager, I have full access to many different reports that I need to correlate with my records in QuickBooks. It is helpful when working with families who fall behind in payments or pulling reports for the Annual Report. My options and accessibility are endless! More importantly, we had a Membership Clerk who was of an older generation. I was weary that she would struggle with the system, especially since there are so many areas to visit. To my surprise, she quickly picked up the very user-friendly Member Tracking System. I was impressed at her ability to pick it up so quickly and the way in which she utilized the many different areas from signing kids in, to setting up new member profiles, to placing charges in the account!" Stacey Araujo, Office Manager

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, CA
"Dear Nicole and Veronica, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. You have always been so helpful (and saved me many times when I made mistakes!). We love the Tracking System. This year we incorporated membership cards and you were very instrumental in setting up the template for me. I could not have done it without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and knowledge! Kids Rock and you do too!" Vickie Prezelin, Executive Assistant

Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN
"If ever there was a resource that is so vital to today's non-profit organization it has to be the Visions Member Tracking Program. In every organization that I have been a part of Visions has been there along side of me to provide me with the necessary data. Our donors, staff and overall community are demanding that organizations such as our Boys & Girls Club track and maintain accurate data--without which we are just sailing along with no clear cut direction or destination." Dan Jernigan, Chief Professional Officer

Investing In Our Youth
"Hello My name is Lena C. Dennard and I work for Investing In Our Youth, Inc. I would like to take to the time to give accolade to Ms. Veronica Prewitt who works with Vision Computer Programming Services, Inc. For the last 4 years I have had the most courteous, respectful and outstanding service from Ms. Prewitt. Whenever I call and leave a message for her, she calls back in a timely manner with a solution and the best Customer Service Assistance EVER! She's never too busy to answer what may seem silly to me but important to her. Veronica makes my job performances much better and expands my knowledge to another level of self independence. If I had to rate her, she would definitely receive a 200 percent from me. For every year that I receive her assistance, my level of knowledge has increased all because of this ANGEL. I LOVE YOU Veronica from the bottom of my heart. You are not only needed but are well appreciated. Continue to provide the best of services you have to offer. My Motto is: When you help simplify what seems complicated into something easy, 'Then You're The One' and you are. God Bless You. Thanks for all you have done." Lena C. Dennard

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, Casper, WY
"Thank you so much!!! The list is exactly what I needed. I would just like to say that the Vision tech support is the best I've ever dealt with! I love that you will personally call us back and we don't have to listen to a machine. I also like that we can leave a message and aren't sitting on hold for hours. Your staff always strives to make things right and that is rare in a company these days!! Thank you again, from one busy, sometimes clueless Vision user!!" Jessica Baxter, Program Advancement Coordinator

Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County, Billings, MT
"The Member Tracking System is essential in our Club's continuing efforts to improve our efficiency and the impact we have on our members. The Vision's staff have been our partners for more than 15 years on a system, which provides us with information we need, when we need it to help improve our efficiency and impact. We have yet to find a need, or very many wants, which the Member Tracking System could not meet." Brian Dennis, Chief Professional Officer

Haven House, Raleigh, NC
"Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for all that you have done for us. The Member Tracking System has made a huge difference for us. I've already saved countless hours trying to save data in spreadsheets and the staff tracking features have been an added bonus that I hadn't even considered. Our agency uses other web based MIS’s that are required by some of our grants for various programs and they are all a major pain and not very user friendly. I've been able to virtually teach myself how to use Member Tracking System and have already been able to customize it to some of the programs we run that are somewhat unique compared to the Boys and Girls Clubs. The reports and outcome feature are by far the most helpful feature for us as an increased emphasis is placed on outcomes in many of our public funding sources. I highly recommend Member Tracking System to other after school programs, YMCA’s, or other programs working with youth in community programs. This system is great! P.S. and your customer service is the best I've ever experienced!! I love GoToMyPC!" Matt Schnars, Program Director

Boys & Girls Club of Cypress, CA
"Our Club is helping kids succeed in school and in life and thanks to Member Tracking System I have the data to prove it." Anne Hertz, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lewis Clark Valley, Lewiston, ID
"Great personal technical support, always available, consistent programming tips, excellent staff to work with are just a few of our thoughts about our interactions with Vision Computer Programming this past year. We have three branches in our organization that are in constant need to share information and Member Tracking has made it so easy! From sharing members and information to running detailed and descriptive reports are just some of great components of the program we have experienced. Since our change to Member Tracking it has increased community involvement and lifetime member tracking. BGCA Annual reports are simpler and not as complicated, as we all once feared, thanks to Member Tracking. I have had Vision employees work more hours and weekends than any other company has done for us. Every staff at Vision makes it simple and understandable. They are forgiving in whatever our mistakes are and willing to clean it up in the most efficient matter. Zenith, Nicole, Aleks, Lisa, Mike and all others that keep them going, THANK YOU! Your program is truly the best and I look forward to our future years together." Beverly Yochum, Senior Membership Services Director

Boys & Girls Club of Eden, NC
"I have been the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Eden for over 4 years now. I worked with data entry in the past and absolutely love the Vision program. Accountability is so important when applying for grants, acquiring donations and marketing your organization. Vision has helped us be accountable and accurate. We even received an increase of over $20,000 in funding due to our accuracy and reporting from the Vision program. It is so easy to learn!!. We have a few employees who are afraid of computers but now they enter daily attendance sheets, school grades and even billing and payment information. We also started tracking our volunteer hours and volunteers are excited to know how many hours they have helped us out. The folks at Vision help us set up reports and give great technical support when we have a question. Thanks you guys and keep up the great work!! You’re Great" Amy Nalley

Ludlow Boys & Girls Club, MA
"The Ludlow Boys & Girls Club had a database that needed to be updated and customized to meet our needs in tracking over 8,000 donors and prospects. Vision Computer Programming personnel worked with our current database providing us a customized Supporter Donation System that met our criteria at the Boys & Girls Club. For our organization, Vision Computer Programming has provided an extremely valuable database and we are impressed by the features, performance and customization of our database, but more importantly with the assistance of the personnel at Vision who continue to provide support and respond to our needs on a timely basis." Marty Walters, Development Director

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield, MA
"It is with pleasure that I write to recommend Vision Computer Programming Services, Inc. for quality of programs, uncomplicated training and a strong support staff. We have been using both the Supporter Donation System and Member Tracking Systems since 2004. During this time we have found that the ability to choose from simple to complex reporting depending on our individual needs is outstanding in comparison to other tracking programs and fundraising software which we have evaluated. In addition, the access to support staff has been exceptional. When we require support, which is normally in the form of a question to obtain a complicated report or mailing, we rarely reach a recorded message, and in those rare moments, we have received a call back generally within 15 minutes. The upgrades are supplied in a timely manner and the website provides us the opportunity to retrieve and download at our own pace. In closing, I underscore the value of working with a highly motivated knowledgeable staff, willing to research innovative options to improve the quality of our solicitations, membership and accounting records. For this reason, if there is any interest in discussing your consideration of Vision Computer Programming Services, I would be happy to be contacted directly." Lerryn Godden, Business Manager

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County, MI
"The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County, MI, have been with Vision Computer for over 16 years, their customer service and technical support is outstanding. The Supporter Donation System is very user friendly and allows us to create multiple and very detailed reports on all our donors. The Member Tracking System and the daily backups by Vision is a benefit to any organization. I highly recommend Vision for their wonderful service and great programming. Thank you Nicole, Lisa and all staff for your continued support." Ginger Drzewicki

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas, North Little Rock, AR
"I have been using the Member Tracking System since 2007 and I am still learning what it can do to save me and our clubs time. I find it very interesting and it makes keeping track of members, their programs and getting reports quite easy. Some of our clubs were still tracking members manually until I sat down with them and showed them I could run reports for them off of Member Tracking. They are still thanking me for doing this for them and telling me how much time it has saved them. It is people friendly and when I have difficulty, I can phone the staff at Vision and get help. The staff is very competent and pleasant to work with; they walk me through whatever questions I have. They are also very patient and never seem to get annoyed or angry if I have to go over if with them more than once. To me, it seems as if the staff keep very much in mind, that they may know this program inside and out, but their customers do not. I would suggest to anyone looking for this sort of specialty to call the people at Vision. If I thought another company was looking for some sort of tracking, I would have no problem leading them in the direction of the Member Tracking System." Debra Nagge

Boys & Girls Club of Lynn, MA
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Vision for their patience and guidance with our staff during our tedious conversion of our membership data. Through the process, and as we have continued to experience growing pains, the staff of Vision has been extremely professional and helpful. In this day and age of accountability, the Vision software has been more than a tool for us to log in our members on a daily basis. Through the help of the Vision staff, we have been able to establish accounts for various program within our data base, that help us determine what programs our members are using, the length of their stay and the impact the program is having on their participation. We are able to provide our supporters more than daily attendance reports; we can provide a myriad of data pertaining to our impact on our members. Thank you," Obie - Robert "Obie" Barker, Jr, Executive Director

Girls Incorporated of Columbus, GA
"I’m Skip Baker Operations and Financial Director for Girls Incorporated of Columbus, Georgia. I was approached by Dorothy Hyatt our Executive Director and asked to evaluate Vision Computer Programming Services Member Tracking System and its potential application at Girls Inc. While neither a MIS guru or computer geek, someone needed to represent Girls Inc and a make long-term strategy and commitment to an unknown application. I was the lucky someone. After our initial meetings, Vision and Girls Inc made a joint commitment to install this database. Logistically, Girls Inc is in both Alabama and Georgia operating 5 separate facilities with over 1500 girls that we manage on a daily basis. Girls Inc immediately recognized the Member Tracking System as a custom built database ideally suited for an organization that had grown rapidly over the last few years. We had ever increasing demands for information collection and reporting that outdated any methods in current practice. The need was great. This database demonstrated the flexibility to collect and report varied amounts of information in customized formats. It helped us integrate many fragmented aspects of our business into one. Eventually, we successfully networked over 15 computer stations with one terminal server linking all remote stations to a common database. Succinctly, Vision has fulfilled every promise to our organization. They have been consummate professional delivering all software, software support, software development and training. They were integrally involved with IHS our local computer group in any and all software/hardware installation challenges. We’ve maintained our budget throughout the process. Vision has helped Girls Inc value engineer the project at many opportunities. Vision has helped alleviate computer fears and helped an organization with a computer cultural change of great importance and magnitude. They have all the experience and professional skills necessary to support an organization throughout their transitional process from paper to database champions.
Finally, Vision has provided a superior product that will be used extensively at Girls Inc helping us manage many aspects of our business. Further, I project that these efforts will increase our grant proposal throughput effectively paying for itself within the first year. Simply said, the entire Vision products and staff are top caliper and I would personally recommend their organization without hesitation. I felt compelled to write this letter in gratitude to Nicole and her staff. My letter is completely unsolicited nor compensated in any fashion. Please feel free to call anytime and I’ll tell you more about our experience." Skip Baker

Boys & Girls Clubs of Providence, RI
"I received a phone call today from the local paper. They wanted to know how many children we served here in North Providence from Johnston. It seems the town of Johnston is considering starting a Youth Center. While talking to the woman who called, she mentioned she had already called the YMCA in Cranston, but was unable to get even an estimate. “That will take a lot of time to research,” she was told. I replied, “I guess they don’t have the data system we have! I’ll have an exact number in a minute. It’s great to see a system working, thought you would like to know!" Pamela Burkett, Branch Manager

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Mississippi, MS
"Vision Member Tracking Software improved our organization instantly. We have been users and loyal fans of Vision for over 15 years now and with every update it just keeps getting better. The software is excellent, the staff is the best in the business, as well as being the most helpful and patient I have ever dealt with. If you're not using Vision you had better drop what you are doing and jump on the band wagon before your organization gets left behind. Thanks for all you do to make my job easier." Kevin Lovelace, Iuka Unit Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties, Pasco, WA
"Vision CPS has provided a great product which we have used and are more and more pleased as time passes and we understand it better. Vision CPS staff is second to none in customer service. The business world would be a much better place if all organizations followed their lead." Sam Clements

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Tennessee, Union City, TN
"Vision Software has helped our organization to solidify collaboration with the school system. When we opened our doors for the after school program there were over 100 kids finding ways of transportation to the club after the bell rang. The majority of them soon discovered what bus dropped off in close proximity to the club. The buses became overcrowded and presented a problem to the school system. The principle came to my office to discuss a solution. He decided to run two buses directly to the club for drop off. He said that the only problem was knowing what kids from his school actually were members of the club. He asked me how feasible it was to give him a list of the club members who attended his school. Of course my answer was “very feasible”. My assistant with a touch of a few buttons on her computer printed a list from our Visions Member Tracking System for his use. He was blown away! Needless to say we have developed a great relationship with his school and solved our transportation problem at the same time. Thanks Nicole and Vision for making our jobs and lives easier." Ron Green, Chief Professional Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, MO
"The Member Tracking System from Vision Computer Programming Services has greatly improved our means of tracking our membership. Our ability to compile data for reports has increased the opportunities for grants and other financial resources. I whole heartedly recommend this program to all Boys & Girls Clubs." Randy Carpenter, Director of Operations

Boys & Girls Club of Bristol, VA
"With this new updated Member Tracking System, the BGCA annual report was a breeze. The report given by the membership tracking system on our members was in the exact format of the annual report. All I had to do was enter the numbers in the annual report exactly as it was given to me. The Member Tracking software is a must for any club." Jessica L. Rose, Director of Operations

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sandhills, Southern Pines, NC
"The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sandhills have been using the Member Tracking System for 18 years. We were so impressed with the Member Tracking System that we purchased the Donor Tracking System as well. The customer service we receive has been great! I would recommend this software to anyone who needs quick and easy access to information regarding their organization." DeWayne

Vision Computer Programming Services, Inc.  801  2nd Street North, Suite A, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 Call: (888) 425-6964