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Activity - Multiple SchedulingNEW - schedule multiple activities at one time for your clubs or entire organization
Activity / General Attendance SetupSetup Activities including General Attendance for Quick Entry scanning
Alumni TrackingPrint a report to review and update Schools and Grades for your members
Annual Report - BGCARun your BGCA Annual Report quickly and easily with these step by step instructions
Authorized to Pickup MembersChoose and record who is picking up your members
Auto-Billing MembersCreate billing scenarios to easily bill large groups of members on a regular basis
Back to SchoolPrint a report to review and update Schools and Grades for your members
Bar Code Font & Scanner SetupInstall the bar code font and scanner to use the Quick Entry section for scanning
Billing Members Bill Members for Attendance or specific programs
Community Outreach / Other Youth ServedHow to track Community Outreach or Other Youth Served
Custom Fields and Report Add Custom fields and build custom reports
Custom Member ListHow to customize Member List reports
Custom Member List for Enrolled vs. Attended MembersCustom Member List to review Enrolled vs. Attended Members
Duplicate Members - AvoidingHow to avoid entering duplicate members in the program
Duplicate Members - CleanupHow to cleanup duplicate members in the database
Duplicate Members - ReportHow to pull a duplicate members report
Enrollment ExamplesClick the link to view various enrollment examples for members
Entering MembersHow to Enter new Members in the program
First Time Set-upHow to install as a new program
GroupsCreate and use Groups efficiently
Guidance, Accidents and Mentoring Create Guidance, Accident and Mentoring records and reports
ID Cards and CertificatesUse the layout editor to build custom ID Cards and Certificates
Installing Member Tracking on a NetworkInstall Member Tracking on a server and workstations on a network
Installing Member Tracking on a Single WorkstationInstall Member Tracking on an individual workstation
Member AcademicsPrint a report to review and update Schools and Grades for your members
Picture Taking for Members and StaffEasily take and store pictures for use on ID Cards and Attendance Scanning
Picture Taking with Web CameraEasily take and store pictures for use on ID Cards and Attendance Scanning
Procedures - Advance to Next School GradeAdvance Members from one school grade to the next annually
Procedures - Backup data at site and Import at Admin OfficeBackup the data at a satellite site and import into admin office master file
Procedures - Backup Member Tracking SystemBackup data onto a flash drive or CD
Procedures - Backup Organization Information at Admin Office and Import at SitesBackup the Organization Information/Standards at your admin site and import at each of your satellite sites
Procedures - Compact & Repair Data & StandardsData cleanup tool
Procedures - Edit DataHow to edit incorrect data
Procedures - Find and Fix Missing DataHow to find and fix missing data
Procedures - Import Data from Site to AdminUse a thumb drive to transfer data from sites to admin office
Procedures - Re-Assign Membership NumbersAllows the user to renumber the members in the program
Procedures - Re-Enrolling MembersRe-enroll your members for a summer or a new year
Quick Entry How to use the Quick Entry feature
Report - Activities Attended in 1 WeekDisplays all chosen activities that members have participated in for a 1 week (5, 6 or 7 day) period
Report - Activity ReportsReview activity participation by your members
Report - Age, Ethnicity, GenderReview demographic information
Report - Annual Payment SummaryDisplay payments for a year for easy tax reporting
Report - Attendance Frequency ReportsDisplay members frequency of attendance in a chosen time period
Report - Average Daily AttendanceDisplay average attendance for any chosen period of time
Report - Birthdays ReportPrint a birthday list or certificates for chosen members
Report - Custom Staff/Volunteer ListCreate unlimited Custom Staff/Volunteer lists
Report - Custom Statistics SummaryCreate your own custom statistics reports with a variety of fields with counts or percentages or both
Report - Expiration ListPrint a list of members who have expired and enlist a volunteer to call them to keep your enrollment numbers up
Report - Medical InformationPrint a list of members that have medical issues or take medication
Report - Multi-Column Days in AttendanceDisplay attendance counts for up to 8 time frames and activities
Report - Reach out to MembersPull this report to obtain a list of members who have a current membership, but have not attended recently
Report - School Grade AdvancementReview and display members who have successfully advanced school grades each year
ReportsBuild hundreds of reports
Scheduled Maintenance ActivitiesPerform these maintenance items to keep your data in good condition
School vs. Summer EnrollmentEnrollment practices for school year vs summer
Staff and Volunteer Scanning A to ZTrack staff hours and print time sheets for staff and volunteers
Staff Hours to GrantsTrack staff hours and allocation time to specific grants
Surveys / Outcome Measurement toolThe Surveys / Outcome Measurement Tool can track members school grades, can be used to take pre and post tests and can be used for any type of custom survey imaginable.
Temporary PasswordChange passwords with a temporary password
Universal Selection EngineHow to use the Universal Selection Engine to filter the members that will be displayed on your screens and reports
Update Age GroupsUpdate Age Groups for members who have had birthdays
Users and SecurityInformation on users and security

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