Every person using the system must sign in with a User Name and Password.  Each person should have their own user name and password because each time someone does something in the program, it is recorded and it should be recorded under the person's name that actually performed the task.

The General Tab allows you to Add and Delete Users.  Each User must have a first and last name and a password.  The Prompt to Save Query in Supporter Selection Engine checkbox will prompt you to save your query every time you make a change in the Supporter Selection Engine.

The Security Tab determines which parts of the Supporter Donation System can be viewed, added to, changed, or deleted.  Click on each item on the left to show the associated security features on the right and choose which items to turn off or on.  NOTE:  Any changes you make to user permissions will not take effect until the next time that user enters the program.

The User Events Tab shows what events occurred for the user chosen in the Find Login Name. 
05/05/11    9:00 AM  Supporter Donation System Entered
05/05/11    9:05 AM  Supporter Added
05/05/11    9:25 AM  Supporter Donation System exited
The Purge button allows you to purge old User Events- it is recommended to perform this task about every 3-4 months as this list can grow quite long.  Simply click on the Purge button, choose your dates and click on the Purge button again.  NOTE: You can setup specific events that you don't want to purge by clicking on the Set Up Events to Purge button and checking them off in the list.

The User Messages Tab sends a message to other users when certain events occur.
05/05/11    Enter Supporter Donation System      User Name    Read check
05/05/11    Add New Supporter                         User Name    Read check

The User Message Configuration Tab lists all Available Messages and allows the Supervisor to choose who will see which messages.  EXAMPLE: The supervisor may want to receive a message when the Supporter Donation System is entered or exited or if a User tries to delete a Supporter.

Steps for adding users:

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Users.
  2. Click Add User in the lower left hand corner.
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. Click on each line item on the left side of the Security tab and choose which items you want the new user to view, add/edit, or delete OR use the Copy Security Settings button to copy the same set of Security options from one person to another.
  5. Set up the User Messages as needed. 

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