Supporter Selection Engine


The purpose of the Supporter Selection Engine is to enable you to select "supporters" based on a wide variety of criteria.

  1. Choose a field name from the dropdown box on the left.
  2. Select criteria relating to this field that appears on the right side of the screen, where the help currently appears.
  3. Each field will produce a different list of criteria to choose from.
  4. To choose additional field, click on the small dropdown box on the left to choose 'and' or 'or' for the next field.
  5. Select criteria relating to this field and so on.

There are many other options available in the selection engine:

  • Move Up or Down changes the order of the field you have chosen.
  • Show Parentheses feature allows the user to state very explicit selection rules.
  • Description of Criteria Selected allows you to type the criteria you have chose in order to show the information on reports.
  • The Clear button will clear the fields  you have chosen so you can start a new request for data.
  • The Load button will load a previously saved Query.
  • The Save button saves a query that you built with an existing name.
  • The Save As button will save a query with a new name.
  • The Classification Tool uses the current Supporter Selection and adds or removes them from a new or existing classification.
  • The Count button provides a count of the supporters for the criteria you have chosen in the Selection Engine.
  • The Continue button will take you to a chosen report when you enter the Supporter Selection Engine from a report prep screen.  

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