The new supporters screen has a variety of information and tasks that can be performed, which will be described below. 

A supporter is associated with a role.  A role is the method the Supporter Donation System uses to describe a person's relationship with your organization. 
     a. Nicole Dommer is a 'Direct Supporter' if she writes you a personal check.
     b. Nicole Dommer is an 'Employee of' Vision Computer Programming Services if Vision writes you a check.
     c. Nicole Dommer is a 'Spouse of' Michael Dommer if Michael writes you a check.
     NOTE: Nicole can be all three roles in the system.


The General tab contains basic information about the Supporter including name, business name, spouse information, status, gender, date of birth, address, phone and email.



  1. Click on the Add Supporter Button.
  2. Fill in the Individual or Business name.
  3. Choose the supporter's role as Direct Supporter or in a Role as from the dropdown.
  4. The program will automatically check for duplicate people in the program based on matching last name and first initial.
  5. If there is no match, then click Continue and fill in the address, email, phone and choose a solicitor if there is one at this time.
  6. You must also choose whether this supporter will be in the Individual Classification or Business Classification. 
  7. Click on the Save button.
  8. On the main Supporters screen, fill in any other information for this supporter such as partner name, gender, birth date, additional addresses, phone, faxes and emails.
  9. Addresses can change during a year- some people have a home in the north for the summer and a home in the south for the winter.
         a. The first address in the north is current as of April 15 each year- when you add the first address, check the box "Is Primary Address" and put the date it becomes primary on and check the Recurs Annually checkbox.
         b. The additional address in the south will be current as of October 15 each year- when you add the second address, do NOT check the box "Is Primary Address", put the date it becomes primary on and check the Recurs Annually checkbox.
         c. Each year on those dates, the Primary address will change automatically to reflect the address appropriate for the date range based on your computer clock. 


All supporters are associated with a Role in the new Supporter Donation System.  Each supporter could play multiple roles.  Some roles include Direct Supporter, Spouse of, Employee of, and so on.  All addresses, emails, and phones are also associated with the supporter's role.  So Nicole as 'Employee of' Vision might have a different address and email as Nicole as 'Direct Supporter'.


This option is available but not recommended, especially if there are any pledge and payment records associated with the person or the role.  There is a Supporter Status field in which you can make those supporters In-Active and your reports can be chosen by Active supporters. 


Quick Letters can be written to supporters thanking them for payments on pledges given.


The Profile button will print a complete profile or give you the option to choose what parts of a profile you want to print for a chosen supporter.


The Jump To button in the top right corner is used to jump to supporters that are connected to each other.  Use the example above with Nicole Dommer.  If you opened the supporter's screen to her record as a 'Direct Supporter' and wanted to view her record as 'Employee of' Vision Computer Programming Services, you could click on the Jump To and see her role of 'Employee of' Vision and jump to it.  Note the address or phone may be different and her pledge records may be different. 


The Record Navigator on the bottom right corner allows you to scroll through your supporters by last name, first name, or search sequence (criteria on the Supporter Search Screen).


The Names tab includes information regarding: Status (active, in-active, etc.), Occupation, Industry, Job Title, Employer (used to indicate where an individual supporter works. NOTE: If this is a new business, the business will then be entered into SDS as a supporter.), and Source (where this supporter came from).

It also includes Names options for Display and Addressing.
These names are for displaying on reports and addressing on letters and envelopes.
Please contact our office for additional assistance with this area of the program.

You can also assign a solicitor to your supporters.


The Classifications section is used to classify or group your supporters together.  Supporters can be a part of as man classifications as needed.  If a supporter is part of 5 different classifications and you choose those 5 classifications for a report, the person will only show on the report 1 time.  Double click on an Available Classification on the right to include a supporter in that classification or on the left to exclude them.  You can also add a new Classification while adding Supporters if needed by using the Add Classification button on the bottom of the screen. 


The Comments tab can be used to track any type of information about your supporters needed.


Custom Fields are created in the Organization Information for the entire database and the data is then entered here for the supporters.  Please contact Vision to discuss custom fields as we can usually fit a field into a classification or other area of the program.


The Pledges tab shows you all the pledges and payments associated with each pledge.  You can add new pledges, delete pledges and accept payments in the Pledges screen.  More instructions are available on the Pledges screen.  Each Pledge line on the left will show the corresponding payments on the right.  Double click on a pledge to display all the information about that pledge.  You can edit any part of the pledge on this screen.


The Payments tab shows you all the payments and the distribution of payments against each pledge.  You can add new payments and delete payments from this tab.  Click on a Payment line on the left to display the corresponding pledges on the right.  Right click on any of the columns to sort ascending or descending.  Double click on a payment to display all the information about that payment. You can edit the payment date and method of payment or delete and re-enter the payment. 


The In-Kind Donations tab shows you the Sub-Appeal that the in-kind donation was given to.  In order to view more information about the In-Kind donation simply double click on any part of the specific in-kind donation you are interested in.  More instructions are available on the In-Kind Donations screen.


In the Special Dates tab, you can fill in birthdays, anniversaries, or any other significant dates that you need.  There is a report in the reports section, Supporters tab named Special Dates Report. 


In the Endowments tab, you can keep track of any endowments or planned giving items for a supporter.  There is a report available in the reports sections, Miscellaneous Reports tab.


In the Solicitations tab, you can keep track of solicitations that your solicitors perform.  Fill in the date, time, solicitation type, solicitor, Camp/Appeal/Sub-Appeal and comment.  The Solicitation Types are added in the Organization Information area of the program.  The Solicitors are supporters that are in the Solicitor Classification.  Camp/Appeal/Sub-Appeals are added from the main menu of the program.  Comments can be anything you like.  Double click on a line to view then push the delete key on your keyboard.  There is a report in the reports section on the Miscellaneous Reports tab that will print this information. 

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