Solicitation Notices


To use this feature, a person must be entered into the database as a Supporter, given the Classification of Solicitor, and also be setup as a User of the database.

These people can then setup things to do or solicitations and receive reminders about them upon entering the program.  We will use Beth Johnson as our example person. 

  1. Click on Supporters button on the Main Menu.
  2. Click on the Add Supporter button on the bottom of the Supporter Search screen.
  3. Fill in the Title (Ms.), First (Beth), Middle and Last (Johnson)
  4. She is a Direct Supporter.
  5. Click on the Continue button on the bottom of the screen.
  6. Fill in her address, email and phone information.
  7. If she has a Solicitor, then choose that person from the dropdown list.
  8. Select the All Individual Classification because Beth Johnson is an Individual person.
  9. Click on the Save button on the bottom of the screen.  This will take you to the Supporters screen.
  10. Click on the Classifications tab at the top of the Supporters screen.
  11. Add Beth Johnson to the Solicitors Classification by double clicking on the Solicitors Classification in the right column.  This will move the classification from the right to the left. 
  12. Close the Supporters screen and close the Supporter Search screen to the Main Menu.
  13. Click on Users on the Main Menu.
  14. Click on Add User in the bottom left corner.
  15. Fill in Beth Johnson in the First and Last name and assign Beth a password or have Beth do this herself and click on the Add button.
  16. On the Users screen, choose from the "This user is this solicitor" dropdown Beth Johnson. 
  17. Choose the number of Days that Beth wants Advance warning when solicitations are due.
  18. Choose the number of Days that Beth wants to Ignore incomplete solicitations. NOTE: As an Administrator of the Supporter Donation System software, you need to determine if the people who will be using the program to enter and receive Solicitation Notices will also have access to other areas of the program and that should be done at this time.
  19. Click on the Security tab at the top of the Users screen.
  20. Click on each line item on the left of the screen and you will see that for each line item, you get a choice of features in the program that can be turned on or off with a check mark- you need to click on all of the line items on the left and determine what you want each of these solicitors to be able to see and do in your database.  Call Vision at 888-425-6964 for more detailed information.
  21. Close to the Main Menu. 

Once you are complete with the adding of your person, making them a solicitor, make them a user, and setting their permissions, then they can begin creating solicitations or to-do's.

  1. Click on the Solicitations button on the Main Menu.
    a.  This screen is sizable- click and drag on the blue border or double click on the blue title bar near the word Solicitations to maximize the screen.
    b.  This screen can be configured to show different items on the screen or not- click on the Configure Form button on the bottom of the screen and choose which items you want hidden.
  2. You can view solicitations for any chosen date range; for all or any single solicitor; campaign, solicitation type (phone, email, meeting, etc)
  3. To add a new solicitation, put your cursor in the Date box and type in the date of the solicitation.
  4. Fill in the time if needed. 
  5. Fill in the solicitation type.
  6. Choose the Supporter that the solicitation is for.
  7. Fill in the Solicitors name.
  8. Choose the Camp/Appeal/Sub-Appeal that the solicitation is related to.
  9. Fill in any comment needed. 
  10. Push the tab key until you are on the next line down and enter the next solicitation.
  11. IF you need to enter the same solicitation for a large group of people, then:
  12. Click on the Create Batch Solicitations button on the bottom of the form. 
  13. This screen will allow you to choose a set of people from your database using the Supporter Selection Engine (SSE)
  14. Then you will choose the Solicitation Type (mail, email, phone, etc)
  15. Choose the Solicitor (Beth Johnson)
  16. Choose the Camp/Appeal/Sub-Appeal
  17. Fill in a Comment.
  18. Then click on the Record Solicitations button on the bottom of the screen.
  19. Answer Yes when asked to confirm.
  20. Click OK at the All Done message.
  21. Click the Close button on the Batch Solicitations To Be Created screen.
  22. You will be back at the Solicitations screen and see a list of your solicitations or to-do's.
  23. You can print a list with the Solicitations Report or the Hardcopy button at the bottom of the screen.
  24. Once you have all of these parts in place and the User (Beth Johnson) signs into the program, she will get a popup upon entering the program that says, "You have 'x' open solicitations!  Do you want to view them now? Yes or No."
  25. If she chooses yes she will be taken directly to the solicitations screen.
  26. If she chooses no, she will enter the program to the Main Menu and she can view her solicitations later by clicking on the Solicitations button on the Main Menu.

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