Quick Letters


Marked - there is a check in the Marked checkbox
Unmarked - there is not a check in the Marked checkbox
Selected - is one or more lines of data chosen on the screen.   Click on the grey box on the very left of a line to Select 1 line.  Shift and click on another line to select all lines inbetween. 
When created - when the record of a letter needing to be printed is created.
Created by - the user that is logged into the Supporter Donation System.


The fields listed below are available to be used in Quick Letters- not all fields will have data in all situations.

[Title]                         [Supporter Status]        [PledgeAmount]                         [FundName]
[First]                         [RoleStatus]                  [VauleReceived]                         [ProgramName]
[Middle]                      [Occupation]                 [PaymentDate]                           [PledgeComment]
[Last]                         [Industry]                     [PaymentAmount]                       [PledgeSolicitor]
[Suffix]                       [JobTitle]                       [MethodOfPayment]                   [Recognition]
[Nickname]                 [Source]                       [BillingFrequency]                       [RecognitionName]
[PartnerTitle]              [Birthdate]                   [NumberofInstallments]              [UnitName]
[PartnerFirst]             [BirthMonth/Day]          [InstallmentAmount]                   [InKind]
[PartnerMiddle]          [Gender]                       [Balance]                                    [SeatAssignment]
[PartnerLast]             [LetterDate]                  [CampaignName]                       [Miscellaneous]
[PartnerSuffix]           [FullAddress]                 [AppealName] 
[BusinessName]        [PledgeDate]                 [SubAppealName] 

Creating a Quick Letter is based on the Sample Quick Letter that is provided with your software. 

  1. Click on Supporters from the Main Menu of the Supporter Donation System.
  2. Choose a Supporter and click on the Quick Letters button.
  3. Double click on the field in the Document column to choose a letter.
  4. Choose the SampleQuickLetter.doc.
  5. Click on the Edit Letter Template button to open the Sample Quick Letter- the Sample Quick Letter is a sample of a letter and all of the instructions included her in this HELP.
  6. You will PRINT this Document when you actually open the Sample Quick Letter because this is your instructions on how to use the Quick Letters. 
  7. Click on File.
  8. Click on Save As.
  9. Go to C:\Program Files\SDS5\Quick Letters or to the Quick Letters folder on your server and name your new Quick Letter anything you want.
  10. Setup your margins for your letterhead.
  11. Use the same fields that are on the sample letter above for the date, addressing, and salutation.
  12. Type in the body of your letter and fill in the closing. 
  13. Remove all of the rest of these instructions from your new Quick Letter.
  14. NOTE: You do NOT have to create Quick Letters from within the Supporter Donation System.  You can simply type letters in MS Word and save them in your Quick Letters folder, or somewhere that you can access them from within the Supporter Donation System. 


Quick Letters can be printed from the Supporters screen, Quick Letter button at the bottom of the screen or from the Quick Letters button on the Main Menu. 

  1. Go to the Supporter that you want to print a Quick Letter for and click on the Quick Letter button.
  2. Click on the Marked checkbox.
  3. Double click on the field in the Document column to choose a letter.  NOTE: Vision provides a Quick Letters folder in C:\Program Files\SDS5 which may have been placed on your server so everyone can access it.
  4. Click on View Populated Letter to view and print the letter.
  5. Close MS Word after you have printed your letter.
  6. Click on Flag Marked as Printed to flag this letter to record the date and who printed the letter.  NOTE: This action will also put a note in the Comments tab of the Supporters screen indicating that this Quick Letter has been sent.
  7. OPTIONALLY, you can click on the Delete Marked button and delete the record on the Quick Letter screen. 

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