Merge Supporters


If you find duplicate supporters in your database...

Merge Supporters

  1. From the Main Menu, go into Procedures.
  2. Click on Merge Supporters.
  3. In the first line, select the supporter that you wish to delete.
  4. Select the supporter in the second line that you will be merging information into. 
    NOTE: (You can review the supporters that you have just selected in steps 3 and 4 by clicking on Review Supporter Information buttons)
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. On the Supporter Info Tab, select which data to keep when comparing the left side to the right side. 
  7. Click on the Partner Info tab on the top left of the screen and select which data to keep. 
  8. Click on the Custom Fields tab on the top left of the screen and select which data to keep. 
  9. When choosing your Addresses, E-Mail Addresses, Phones and Solicitors, please keep in mind that you can retain all fields, and make sure to select which one is the primary information for that tab.
  10. After you have reviewed all of the information on all of the tabs across the top, click on the Merge Now button.   

All classifications, Comments, Pledges, Payments, In-kind donations, Special Dates, Endowments, Solicitations, and Grants information from both supporters will merge into the new supporter record. 

NOTE: Please make absolutely sure you are consolidating the correct people.  Once the procedure is complete, it cannot be reversed.

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