Pledge, Pay, Quick Letter


Creating a Quick Letter is based on the Sample Quick Letter that is provided with your software.

  1. Click on Supporters from the Main Menu.
  2. Choose a Supporter and click on the Quick Letters button.
  3. Double click on the field in the Document column to choose a letter.
  4. Choose the SampleQuickLetter.doc
  5. Chick on the Edit Letter Template button to open the Sample Quick Letter-the Sample Quick Letter is a sample of a letter and includes instructions needed to create your letters.
  6. PRINT this Sample Quick Letter document and keep these instructions on hand.
  7. Click on File
  8. Click on Save As
  9. Go to C:\Program Files\SDS5\Quick Letters or to the Quick Letters folder on your server and name your new Quick letter anything you want  Example: Thank You 2011 Gala
  10. Setup your margins for your letterhead.
  11. Use the same fields that are on the existing sample letter date and addressing and salutation.
  12. Type in the body of your letter and fill in the closing.
  13. Remove all of the rest of the instructions from your new Quick Letter.
  14. Click on SAVE to save this new letter.
  15. NOTE: You do NOT have to create Quick Letters within Supporter Donation System.  You can simply type letters in MS Word and save them in your Quick Letters folder or somewhere that you can access them from within the Supporter Donation System.

The fields must be typed into the Quick Letter EXACTLY as you see them here:

[Title]                         [Supporter Status]        [PledgeAmount]                         [FundName]
[First]                         [RoleStatus]                  [VauleReceived]                         [ProgramName]
[Middle]                      [Occupation]                 [PaymentDate]                           [PledgeComment]
[Last]                         [Industry]                     [PaymentAmount]                       [PledgeSolicitor]
[Suffix]                       [JobTitle]                       [MethodOfPayment]                   [Recognition]
[Nickname]                 [Source]                       [BillingFrequency]                       [RecognitionName]
[PartnerTitle]              [Birthdate]                   [NumberofInstallments]              [UnitName]
[PartnerFirst]             [BirthMonth/Day]          [InstallmentAmount]                   [InKind]
[PartnerMiddle]          [Gender]                       [Balance]                                    [SeatAssignment]
[PartnerLast]             [LetterDate]                  [CampaignName]                       [Miscellaneous]
[PartnerSuffix]           [FullAddress]                 [AppealName] 
[BusinessName]        [PledgeDate]                 [SubAppealName] 


  1. Go to Supporters on the Main Menu.
  2. Choose a Supporter and click on the Pledges tab.
  3. Click on Add Pledge button on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Fill in Pledge amount, Cam/App/Sub-Appeal and any other items on the screen that are appropriate for this pledge.
  5. Click on Save Pledge button on the bottom of the screen.
  6. Build the Payment Schedule if needed.



  1. Click on Quick Pay button on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Fill in Method of Payment and Comment if needed.
  3. Click on Post Payment and Close on the bottom of the screen.


Click on the Thank You Letter button on the bottom of the screen.
     a. If you are receiving pledge, payment and printing a letter for 1 person, then click YES.
     b. If you are receiving multiple pledges and payments, then click NO.

For (a.) above:

  1. Click on the Marked checkbox.
  2. Double click on the empty field in the Document column to choose a letter.
  3. Click on the View Populated Letter button on the bottom of the screen to preview and print.
  4. You can edit information for a single letter directly in this document.


For (b.) above:

  1. Pledge steps 2 thru 6 and Payment steps 1 thru 3.
  2. Click on the Thank You Letter button and choose a. or b. until you are finished entering pledges and payments.
  3. When you click YES, you will have multiple letters to print.
  4. Close to the Main Menu and click on Quick Letters button.
  5. Click on Mark All to mark all letters to be printed.
  6. Choose a letter for each Supporter if that has not already been filled in.  NOTE: when creating Campaign/Appeal/Sub-Appeals, you can assign default letters for specific Sub-Appeals which would make the letter automatically populate here.
  7. You can View Populated Letters individually by clicking on the line on the top that you want to see and then clicking on View Populated Letters button.
  8. If all the letters are fine, then click on Print Letters (All Marked)
  9. Print Envelopes if needed.
  10. When all letters are printed and you are finished with this Quick Letter batch, then click on the Flag Marked as Printed button on the bottom.  This will place a date, time and comment that the letter was printed in each of the appropriate supporters Comment tab on the Supporters screen. 

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