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Products Prices
Member Tracking System     (1st Site License) $1800
Member Tracking System     (Additional Site Licenses) $1000
SQL Server Data Backend for Member Tracking $1500
Online Web Registration $1 / registration
Bar Code Scanner $300
Bluetooth Scanner $400
Quick Entry Mobile per concurrent user per year $100
MTS Notify App $.99
Supporter Donation System   (1st Site License) $2000
Supporter Donation System   (Additional Site Licenses) $1000
Annual Upgrade Fee   (1st Site License) * $350
Annual Upgrade Fee   (Additional Site Licenses) * $125
Data Transfer Services $100 / hour
Offsite Web Backup Service  per site per program per year $75
Online Training $75 / hour



*The $350 Upgrade Fee applies annually for your first license of Member Tracking System and annually for your first license of Supporter Donation System. The $125 applies to each additional software license. Both the Member Tracking System and Supporter Donation System require their own Upgrade Fee. The Upgrade Fee allows you to request additional features which will be reviewed for future versions of our software packages.

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