Supporter Donation System

Quick Tips

Click on the links in the left column to view and print these pages. These pages are packed with helpful suggestions on using the Supporter Donation System, so you can take full advantage of all of its features and benefits.

Please let us know your suggestions on using the Supporter Donation System, or send us some of some of your tips that we can pass along to other users.

Auction - Receive Items to Sell Record items to be used later at your auction
Auction - Record Bid Sheets & Payments Record auction bid sheets and payment on the scene
Backup and Restore Backup data and restore
Batch Payment Entry Enter batches of checks on one screen
Campaign / Appeal / Sub-Appeal Track the events you hold to raise money for your organization
Classifications Create classifications or groups for your supporters
Funds / Programs Designate where your money is going
Mail Merge Use mail merge to send letters, emails and more
Mass Email Send mass emails quickly and easily
Meetings Track meetings with staff, board, etc.
Organization Information Setup defaults to be used through out the program
Pledge, Pay, Quick Letter Create a pledge, receive money and print a quick thank you letter
Pledges Record simple, over time and in-kind pledges
Procedures - Merge Supporters Use this clean-up tool to merge duplicate supporters